By Marc William White USN-RET

Sabbath Day 05-21-22 Williamson County TN 4:07 AM CST

Good morning to all potential, current, and previous clients, business partners, helpers, and visitors to our website, I am certainly glad you are here, and decided to stop by, thank you so much ma’am or sir! I am Marc William White, owner and CEO of R.E. White Consulting LLC, a business I started in 2017, under the “umbrella” of R.E.W.C. there are 5 “divisions”, like in the military. We have “Information Technology” also known as managed IT services, next is “Event Planning” and seminars, then we offer “Real Estate” work and management and this is where Lifted Moving Services (LMS) is located, I also enjoy helping people start businesses so “Business Development” is next, and lastly we have “Personal Development” because everyone should take good care of their health and there is always room for improvement.

Today is Saturday, the only day we don’t work each week, I work six days and rest for one, we are closed on Saturday for Sabbath, to attend church and worship God, but I felt impressed to write this post today and that God wanted me to, in order to promote the Sabbath, His awesom Holy Bible, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the great comforter the Holy Spirit, our living word of Father Abba Yahweh the Holy Bible, and rest, something more Americans should practice more often. Life is usually full of various ups and downs for each of us, learning to cope with them as they come and go is an indicator of great strength, resolve, and determination. I heard one time, “every human being alive is very strong, because it takes so much strength to even be and stay alive”, I thought to myself, “hmmm, this is true” and I liked it, it’s actually one of my favorite expressions.

Lifted Moving has become quite successful for me, my clients, family, mother, current wife, friends, and everyone is always impressed by what we do, how we accomplish projects, and the “elite concierge” services we provide. Generally speaking, many people are curious or suprised as to how seemingly “basic work” or “unskilled labor” can and does generate so much money. In the words of one of the best clients we have ever had, Mr. Corey Robbins, a truly great man, whom, very sadly for myself, is moving out of our area, (the entire family and three full houses in Brentwood are relocating to Florida) and I have great admiration, fondness, and respect for, he stated, “its worth a lot”. What is “it” though? What was Mr. Robbins referring to? As I hold back a few tears now, he was speaking about genuine kindness, very simply, respect and real kindness.

Jesus Christ was a man, a human being, same as you and I are, He experienced the exact same emotions, happiness, fun, sadness, elation, disappointment, longing, separation, and fear, which we all do, also love, tenderness, and everything else, there is nothing we go through or feel which Jesus did not. I have faced seemingly unfathomable challenging circumstances in my own life, times when I felt completely and totally alone, that no one cared and I had been abandoned, but, in those dark moments or hours, something inside of me told me to hang on, that hope and faith could get me through, a spark, a tiny bit of light, mapping the way for me to go, a path towards God Himself. Today I realize and know, it was Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirt with me, they are here now, with me and with you, Jesus never abandons us! 🙂

I love expressions, sort of collect them in my head, and “it pays to be nice” is a really true one, but, part of our business model here at Lifted Moving is, we aren’t being nice, in order to only obtain payment from our clients. Behind the scenes, LMS is part of something much larger, a real authentic ministry, unique in today’s American lifestyle but also sometimes found if we keep a keen eye open. This ministry started back in the 1800s or even earlier, centuries ago, with my own family, the White family, the Minister Richard Erskin White, and so, very basically, we do what we can to comfort those we serve as we work, the way Jesus Christ would. Our world, planet earth, is not the only one in the universe, also, the Kingdom of God is a very real place, I would like to be there one day, and hope I see you there as well, even if we never meet here.

One day near the end of September 2020, I climbed into my work van, and drove away, I was “gone”, because I didn’t know what God wanted me to do next, I couldn’t hear Him clearly enough, it would be almost a year, and travel through 35 states before I would find myself back home in Kentucky and middle Tennessee. I was in Massachusetts, and feeling distraught, I called the US Naval Base Newport Rhode Island, entered the phone menu system, then heard the words “Chapel of Hope”, I pressed the key, and a man named Christopher Adams answered, a Lieutenant chaplin, who was basically never there on that day, and had only answered the phone one other time on that day of the week. We made plans for me to visit, he was concerned, also, I wanted and needed to get to a military base, where I could be around other veterans.

The US Navy War College is located at Naval Station Newport RI, what an amazing state, Rhode Island, wow, the scenic beauty is jaw dropping, such fresh air, all the bridges, shoreline, sunsets, birds, the food, and much more!! If you ever have a chance to visit I highly recommend you do! 🙂 Chaplin Adams and I, we became friends, and we were working through a manual together, sort of a guide for getting closer to God and dealing with the stressors of life, I also became good friends with Montgomery Miller there, an amazing man who once was an olympic finalist runner. One day, “Chappy” as we called him, asked me if I would volunteer at a soup kitchen in downtown Newport, I said yes, over the next few hours we handed out meals, when it was completed, they asked me to help them move a love seat sofa and bed.

It was very cold, I remember well, so I thought, “moving this stuff will help warm me up” and I was already feeling good from helping to hand out all the meals. Two other men and myself loaded up the small love seat, and the queen bed, in the back of a pick up truck, and we drove a few blocks to a large building, possibly government or low income housing, but everyone there was friendly and kind, also really humble. The lady we were helping was grateful to be moving in, she shared some of her story with us, and the place was empty, these were the first two pieces of furniture. It wasn’t long, her bed was assembled, the sofa was in place, the job was completed, we all shook hands, and were done, but something really magical struck me, somehow God told me “moving is important”, and to “help people more”.

As I left the building, I felt really good, I had volunteered my time, and part of myself, and certainly God had been involved! 🙂 Eventually I left Newport, it was getting very cold, haha, and drove all the way to the Florida Keys, down below Miami, there I met a woman by the name of Linda Popp, the owner of Popp’s Motel. Mrs. Linda is like family now, she took me in and gave me a room for a whole month at a discount, I volunteered to help her if she ever needed anything. Popp’s Motel is so magical, and this was January and February in the amazing, awe inspiring Florida Keys, a place I had visited many times before but never stayed for more than a couple of weeks. Ms. Linda eventually asked me to help move a small refrigerator and a microwave, I really enjoyed helping out, and it was at Popp’s Motel that Lifted Moving Services officially started!!

Advertising is sometimes necessary to successfully operate a business, I had no idea where to start but either someone told me about it or I remembered it from the past, good old Craig’s List, a really fast website and service that was cheap and affordable. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, and I had taken some of the sofa, bed, refrigerator, and microwave we had moved, combined with other images, I sat down and crated an ad on my laptop for Craig’s List, which basically became an instant success to my surprise and wonderful joy!!! My motivation was picking up, I am a disabled veteran, work is not easy for me, but here was work, much needed by many people, and apparently in the Florida Keys, just “showing up” is a great big deal!! LOL!! I was actually having fun AND working, it was great!!!

Looking back now, maybe part of me never really felt like I would actually discover an occupation I truly loved, a job I really deeply liked, something I would even gladly do for free, a combination of something I could do alone, but at the same time involved and included a lot of different people. “The moving business”, as I call it, is absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, a very remarkable magical thing, because movement is all around us in life and the universe, everything is in motion, all the time, pretty much. Change is the only constant, except for God’s awesome love, He never changes, He is rock solid constant, His truck never runs out of gas and we won’t either, haha!! We should move our bodies for health and fitness, and somewhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, someone is moving something.

In closing, I would like to say, money is important but, we should never forget, “the love of money is the root of all evil”, this means, for Lifted Moving Services, our number one goal is service, very high, extremely professional, totally respectful, humble and meek, almost fanatical, customer service. I want to serve you, as Jesus Christ taught and teaches us to serve one another, and to minister to each and every client, even if they don’t realize we are doing so, through genuine and loving kindness. Also, don’t forget forgiveness, which is a major component of love, we always strive to forgive a client if necessary or requested, and in turn we ask for forgiveness if we drop the ball (not your furniture haha) or make a mistake or are running a bit late. It seems like the less we focus on money, the more our clients want to pay us!!! Amazing indeed!!!

This is is the story of Lifted Moving Services, how it all started, and became real, from incredible shore lined New Port Rhode Island, to the scenic sandy Florida Keys and my beloved Overseas Highway, to the whimsical Toll Gate Village in Thompsons Station Tennessee, and Music City USA Nashville…I hope you enjoyed reading about it, and that you may consider us for your next small delivery, a pick up from Goodwill, wrapping and packing your gourmet kitchen or whole house, lifting and moving large pieces of furniture or even machinery, and or our various other needs and services. Please call or text 270-847-2955 ma’am or sir, and we will respond as soon as possible, we look forward to serving you and your incredible family. Jesus Christ is Lord, God is very real and awesome, the Holy Spirit comforts, and we deeply care!!

Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day of life, take good care of yourself, you are so special, there is only one you in all of eternity and the universe, stand up for your values and principles, and always remember to be kind, because “it’s worth a lot” (I am going to deeply miss you Mr. Robbins and your incredible wife and family). Walk in peace, joy, happiness, kindness, forgiveness, love, strength, sobriety, cleanliness, tenderness, and movement!!! Stick with Jesus Christ and you will never fail, I guarantee it. God bless you, and thank you once again…

Marc William White USN-RET MCP CEO MOG0